About Us


About Us

'Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie' is the art brand with animal companion.

Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie draw portraits of the most beloved cats and dogs as an animal companion, and create design and art products. The artworks are based on the 3D, it has a high quality, and a unique character which maximizes the praise from the fans around the world. In addition, we are going to expand the scope of animals from cats to Stray cats, abandoned dogs, and endangered wildlife. Some of the artist profits will be delivered to the owner of the pet. In case of stray cats and wild animals, some of the profits will be donated to: NGO KARA Animal Rights Association.

CEO / Artist & Designer

Sanghun Lee

Graduated Department of Painting from Hongik University (2012)

Moved to the Seoul Youth Business Support Center (Sep 2015 ~ Dec 2016)

Moved to Seoul Challenge Plus Center (Jan 2017~ Dec 2018)


2015 GARAGE GALLERY: Character Star, Gyeonggi Contents Korea Lab, Gyeonggi Province (Nov 2015)

     Seoul Design Festival Gyeonggi Container Pavilion, COEX Seoul (Dec 2015)

2016 Station - Berlin International Fashion Fair, BIMM Collaboration Exhibition, Berlin Germany (June, 2016)

          Ttukseom Pop Art Festival, Naru Art Center, Seoul (Oct 2016)

          Seoul Design Festival, COEX, Seoul (Oct 2016)

2017 6th GDPP Market, Sejong University Convention Hall, Seoul (Mar 2017)

          Creative Power Station: Character District Pankyo, Abu Nu Franc, Game (Apr 2017)

          Lotte Department Store ‘Lotte Pet Play Park’ (Jun 2017)

          Seoul Illustration Fair, COEX, Seoul (Jul 2017)

          Pet Seoul 2017 Cat & Handmade Fair, COEX, Seoul (Aug 2017)

          Green Ball Art Collabo Exhibition, Samcheong-dong Cafe Boleya Andemiro, Seoul (Aug 2017)

          Global Art Collaboration Expo, Coex, Seoul (Dec 2018)

2018 International Cat Industry Fair, Coex, Seoul (Jan 2018)

          8th GDPP Cat Festa, Yangjae aT center, Seoul (Jun 2018)

          Pet Seoul & KAHA Expo 2018, Coex, Seoul (Aug 2018)

2019 The 3rd Cat Canster MarCat, Madoros Kitchen, Seoul (Apr 2019) 

         2019 Kcat Fair, SETEC, Seoul (Jun 2019)
         'MAXIMALLIA', Museum DAH, Busan (Aug 2019)

          Pet Seoul & KAHA Expo 2019, Coex, Seoul (Aug 2019)

2020 'Super Nature', Museum DAH, Busan (Nov 2020)
2021 Seoul Illustration Fair V11 (Snooze Kittens), COEX, Seoul (Aug 2021)



2015 Graffello X Line Deco Global Wallpaper Challenge 2nd Winner (May. 2015)

2016 Korea Pop Art Awards, Creative Winner (Oct. 2016)


Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie® 

Animal Companion Art Brand